About Iben Overgaard Pottery

My philosophy

Danish simplicity, a state of mind where you inherently seek the simplest of forms and strive for the utmost quality, is my aim when I sit down at my pottery wheel. I wish to create beautiful forms that bring harmony and joy to your everyday life.

I love to shape soft clay into something pleasing and useful. It fascinates me how I can fashion something so essentially human and simple. What I strive for is to design stylish yet simple products that are pleasing to the eye and, above all, are practical for use in the modern home. I want to make people happy! To me, less is more!

How I work
I make pottery to be used every day, hoping that what I make resonates with our contemporary lifestyle.

I strive to create pieces that fit into your hands and fit your needs. I believe that is how the beauty of things evolves: by being used every day as a natural part of your daily life. Like a mug for example: don’t you love sensing how it rests in your hand and the pleasure of drinking from it? Don’t you want it to be functional as well, by ensuring it can be used with your coffeemaker?  While I might seek the beauty of a basic shape, I also take a few detours in the process, giving items a personal touch.  

Colors and clay
I tend to use the different hues of green found in nature, as well as the crisp white of the clay itself. I prefer to work with either porcelain clay or white stoneware. Both types of clay deliver a sense of calmness and serenity in finished pieces.

My background
I am a self-taught Danish potter living in Ottawa, Canada. I have a background in Art History, specializing in design and painting from the turn of the last century, and this probably influences my style and my preference for Scandinavian functionalism. Today, I primarily work as a potter, while maintaining some curatorial projects for museums.  

In my shop, you will find dinnerware, vases, bowls and other small things for use in everyday life and gifts. I also make unique larger pieces, usually when I’m exploring a new form or technique. If I’m happy with the result, you’ll find it for sale.

I’m happy to make special orders as well. The amazing thing with clay is that you can do almost everything with it – in both shape and colour. I would be delighted to help make your wishes come true and to realize your ideas.